Giving Our Best and Our All!

by Tracy Jaggers

I just finished perusing a 60 page article entitled, Effective Leadership in the Church. I was disappointed to see that it reiterated the same old list of managerial requirements I have seen proposed for years that fits almost every type of business.

The church is not a business. It is a family! But, it pains me to say, I am seeing more and more “leaders” that are treating their church as though the flock owes them everything. Some have an attitude of a sheep-shearer, rather than a shepherd! They give only as much passion and energy as they would an hourly position at the local Chick-fil-A (as a matter of observation – I think most employees at Chick-fil-A are more committed to the mission of that restaurant than some pastors are to the Master of the church).

You may say, wow Tracy that seems a bit harsh. I challenge you to look at the ineffectiveness of Southern Baptist churches nationwide and convince me I am wrong. 70-80% of our churches (nationwide) are plateaued to dying. God, forgive us for ceasing to be a hospital to a hurting and dying world, much less the struggling and impotent church.

Let’s look at what effective leadership IS! Is it:

  • Great oration of the Bible?
  • Teaching lectures with no thought of transforming the lives of those who “listen?”
  • Moderating “peaceable” meetings?
  • Directing fun and/or labor-intensive mission events?
  • Printing and sending out slick-looking communications?
  • Striving to maintain a happy flock?

OR, is it:

  • Instilling the Word of God in such a way that people are compelled to respond with new thinking and holy living?
  • Discipling followers so they disciple others? [If we expect little, we get little!]
  • Revealing to the family – the anointing, direction and goals the Holy Spirit has birthed in you through penetrating prayer?
  • Painting a vision of hope and victory by joyfully sharing and modeling the gospel?
  • Being a person of integrity?
  • Keeping the vision of the Lord in front of the family at all times?
  • Working alongside your flock in local and worldwide evangelistic efforts? [BEWARE: You may get some sheep smell on you!]
  • Protecting the flock from the enemy’s schemes and exhorting them to consistently stay unspotted from the world?

What do you want for your family? I pray you want the best! I desire all to be saved by the Lord and eventually, all of us enjoying heaven together. I have heard pastors admit they give only 60-70% effort – no wonder there are 70-80% of the churches that claim to be plateaued to dying.

Lord, may we never be guilty of just giving a little when you gave Your all! Help us to be grateful children, and sold-out shepherds until we see You face to face!

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