Most churches are like a battery – they are either powered up, losing power, or powerless. Churches get cranked up and moving week after week, but few have real power in evangelism and discipleship. They have great programs but they lack the passion and unction of God for making an eternal impact in their local community and expanding the Kingdom of Christ. Every time they turn the ignition they wonder if the engine will turn over and start. We need the Holy Spirit’s power to transform our angry and disunified world, and the Lord needs His church to get back into the trenches of renewal and revival. We may have made a great impact in the past, but we appear to be  defeated and dismayed in the present. Church – Let your light SHINE! 

Revitalization is to the church what a recharge is to a battery. The recharge God brings provides even greater peripheral benefits.

Revitalization is a church-wide prayer-journey, seeking nothing less than an urgent, intentional, corporate and individual spiritual renewal process. True revitalization involves acknowledgement of the church’s current status, evaluation of its processes and systems, an openness to risk, a willingness to adapt and adjust, and obedience to the scriptures.

The question is: Does your church need a ReCharge?

If so, seek Holy Spirit’s Power and call a qualified ReCharger to help! We’ve got the CHARGER and it’s hooked to God’s Power Source. 

Contact information: Dr. Tracy W Jaggers, 4539 Wanda Road, Edwardsville, IL 62025   Phone: 618-254-3953     Fax: 618-254-4132


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